Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Maps are better displayed on big (TV) screens

TV sets these days have become more powerful than ever. They are equipped with powerful operating systems like Android and WebOS and their screens seem more magnificent than they could ever be. So why not to use them for map display?
Maps contain information related to spatial data and it is always better to view them with a big clear view of the spatial information they carry. For instance, sometimes it is not so informative to view a generalized weather map in the small screen of a smartphone; a big screen or printing the map in a big paper give you a clear insight of the situation it represents. Also a school could use a set of digital maps for educational purpose rather than using a few printed maps not viewable from distance.
Of course professionals know these things and the use big computer screens for drawing maps but most other people use small screens even at home. Personally, I always thought that TV screens could have much more potentials beyond their traditional use. On this spirit I have released two applications that link viewing my web mapping application WMS Map Viewer On Line to Android TV and Amazon TV. The result is really great try it.

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