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Alan Turing’s bibliography with links

The importance of the work of Alan Turing is well known to everybody. The most complete resources on Turing’s work are The Turing Digital Archive, the book “The essential Turing” of Jack Copeland and the volumes of his “Collected works”. The problem with the Digital Archive is that it contains scans of manuscripts from which is not so easy to read, yet I think it is very interesting to browse.
Below, I list most of Turing’s papers and some links for them. The links are freely accessible and they lead to easily read pdf files that are scans or reprints of the original publications or at least they are very close to it.
The links are listed as found on the web; any possible copyright issues or broken link issues should regard the owners of the sites that host the linked files. In case you have any suggestions for the list please add a comment.
At the end you may find something that should be an anecdote  but it is a real problem in academic publications.

Turing, Alan M. On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungs problem. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 2 s. vol. 42 (1936–1937), pp. 230–265.

Turing, Alan M. "On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem. A Correction." Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 2.1 (1938): 544-546.

Turing, Alan M. "Equivalence of left and right almost periodicity." Journal of the London Mathematical Society 1.4 (1935): 284-285.

Turing, Alan M. "Computability and λ-definability." The Journal of Symbolic Logic 2.04 (1937): 153-163.

Turing, Alan M. "The þ-function in λ-K-conversion." The Journal of Symbolic Logic 2.04 (1937): 164-164.


Turing, Alan M. "Systems of logic based on ordinals." Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 2.1 (1939): 161-228.

Turing, Alan M. "The use of dots as brackets in Church's system." The Journal of Symbolic Logic 7.04 (1942): 146-156.

Newman, M. H. A., and Turing, A. M. "A formal theorem in Church's theory of types." The Journal of Symbolic Logic 7.01 (1942): 28-33.

Turing, Alan M. "Turing’s treatise on Enigma." Unpublished Manuscript (1939).


Turing, Alan M. "Lecture to the london mathematical society on 20 february 1947." MD COMPUTING 12 (1995): 390-390


 Turing, Alan M. "Some calculations of the Riemann zeta-function." Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 3.1 (1953): 99-117.

Turing, Alan M., and Bayley, D. "Report on Speech Secrecy System DELILAH, a Technical Description Compiled by AM Turing and Lieutenant D. Bayley REME, 1945–1946." Cryptologia 36.4 (2012): 295-340.

Turing, Alan M. "Proposed electronic calculator, report for national physical laboratory, teddington." AM Turing’s ACE Report of 2 (1946).

Turing, Alan M. "Lecture on the Automatic Computing Engine (1947)." The Essential Turing by  B. Jack Copeland (2004): 362.

Turing, Alan M. "Rounding-off errors in matrix processes." The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics 1.1 (1948): 287-308.

Turing, Alan M. "Intelligent Machinery, A Heretical Theory." The Turing Test: Verbal Behavior as the Hallmark of Intelligence (1948): 105.

Turing, Alan M. "Intelligent machinery-national physical laboratory report. b. meltzer b., d. michie, d.(eds) 1969, machine intelligence 5." Edinburgh: Edinburgh University 2 (1948).

Turing, Alan M. "Practical forms of type theory." The Journal of Symbolic Logic 13.02 (1948): 80-94.

Turing, Alan M. "Computing machinery and intelligence." Mind (1950): 433-460.

Turing, Alan M. "The word problem in semi-groups with cancellation." Annals of Mathematics (1950): 491-505.

Turing, Alan M. "THE CHEMICAL BASIS OF MORPHOGENESIS." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 237.641 (1952): 37-72.

Turing, Alan M. "Chess." Computer chess compendium. Springer New York, 1988. 14-17.

This article is a reprint of pages 286-295 from

B.V. Bowden ( ed.) Faster Than Thought ( A Symposium on Digital Computing Machines ) Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd. 1953.

The original book in text and pdf form may be found here

Turing, Alan M. "Solvable and unsolvable problems." Science News-ens. fr 39 (1954).

A paper by     Verónica Bechera, Santiago Figueiraa  and  Rafael Picchia  presenting the unpublished work of Turing in normal numbers

Becher, Verónica, Santiago Figueira, and Rafael Picchi. "Turing’s unpublished algorithm for normal numbers." Theoretical Computer Science 377.1 (2007): 126-138.

Turing, Alan M.. AM Turing's Original Proposal for the Development of an Electronic Computer: Reprinted with a Foreword by DW Davies. National Physical Laboratory, Division of Computer Science, 1972.

Turing, Alan M. "Proposal for development in the mathematics division of an automatic computing engine (ace)." Carpenter, BE, Doran, RW (eds) 46 (1986).

Turing, Alan M. "Checking a large routine." The early British computer conferences. MIT Press, 1989.
The next should be an anecdote; it is not. In the link below of the article written by Simone Santini, you may read some negative reviews that some incredible reviewers gave to some of the most important papers ever written. One of this papers is Turing's most famous paper.


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